The town of Beziers: A history rich in culture and events

The town of Beziers has lived an amazing amount of events through many different centuries and époques. This amount of different époques and changes can be seen reflected in the way its name has varied through the pass of time. The first name this town had was Besara, which would later change to Bettarratis, then to Baettarrae, then to Beterris, and finally to Beziers as it is known nowadays.

Beziers is a very old town

Beziers is said to be among the oldest towns of France and the most antique spot within its surrounding area of the Mediterranean Sea. This way, those tourists who wish to meet places rich in history while being in the south western region of France, should make sure of visiting Beziers.

Aerial view of Beziers in France.

The origins of this town can be found at the Ice Age. There are elements which show how humans would inhabit in this spot around that époque. Besides this, according to scientists, there were found some sculptured stones and other elements which allow deducing that during the Paleolithic Age there were human settlements within the area today known as Beziers.

Visitors who enjoy archeology and anthropology would be able to have a great time. There are areas, such as some of the town’s main hills, which still contain fossils. Besides this, there are several great museums were visitors can observe amazing objects and learn interesting information about the town and the different époques it has gone through.

A view from the river of Cathedral Saint-Nazaire in Beziers, France. In the front an old bridge crossing the river.
Cathedral Saint-Nazaire

A wealthy and prosperous town

Beziers started gaining most of its actual popularity during the reign of Louis XIV. During this period of time, this town became very wealthy and prosperous. Since that time on, this town has kept its prosperity, and to the date, it maintains it through its different industries and its trading reputation among other factors.

Don’t forget the wine

The town of Beziers is also known throughout the region by its wine production. The production of wine is among the main resources of Beziers, although there are several other industries and resources by which it is also widely known, such as, for example, textiles, concrete, agricultural materials, and fertilizers among many others.

A group of people at a dinner party raising their glasses of red wine.

Map of Beziers in France

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