The historical town of Montauban in France

Montaubann is among the oldest towns of Languedoc Roussillon and the entire southern region of France. The foundation of Montauban dates from the époque of Count Alphonse Jourdain in the XII century, around the year 1145, and since then the town has gone through an important amount of interesting historical events which have left their mark on it.

The history of Montauban

During the XIII century, Montauban went through hard moments due to the fact that the Albigensians and the Inquisition had a strong effect on it. This way, this century was among the worse ones this town has gone through, although towards the first years of the XIV century it gained back strength.

Around the year 1360, when the Treaty of Bretagny was signed, the town of Montauban was transferred to the English. The English remained in Montaubann until 1415, when the original town’s inhabitants fight for their home town and made them leave it.

A beautiful square in Montauban, France at dusk.
A square in Montauban

Another important époque in the history of Montauban dates from the XVII century. Around the year 1620, his town became the base area of what was known as the Hughenot rebellion. Since then and until 1629, this town went through a difficult époque which did not finish until Cardinal Richelieu destroyed the fortifications where the invaders were.

To the date, this town shows a group of small neighborhoods which can be accessed through some main avenues or boulevards. Although many of its antique constructions were lost through the pass of time and different battles, some of them still remain almost unchanged.

One of these constructions is the Musée Ingres, where visitors can not only meet a very interesting building from the XVII century but also observe antique art works such as paintings and sculptures from local artists of several different époques.

Pont Vieux

Among the most recommendable spots for tourists to visit in Montauban is its bridge. This bridge, called old bridge or Pont Vieux, was built during the XIV century and within 30 years. It is very attractive and interesting, showing most of its original elements unchanged, despite the fact that it had some fortified towers which were lost.

The famous Pont Vieux bridge in Montauban, France.
Pont Vieux bridge

Map of Montauban in France

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