The charming town of Josselin and its fascinating history

Josselin is a charming small town located towards the northern area of France, within the region of Brittany. According to its history, the origin’s of this town as being part of Brittany date from around the V century, when the first Britons came from the lands of Wales, which causes this area to be strongly related with Wales, England and that European region in general.

Chateau Josselin

One of the most interesting spots within this town is the Chateau Josselin or Josselin Castle, dating from the XI century. The Chateau Josselin has three amazing towers from which visitors can have an incredible view from the surroundings as well as observe the River Oust.

Besides the landscapes visitors could enjoy from this building, they could be fascinated by its architectural elements and ornaments as well, due to the richness in style they show and the way they clearly represent the historic époque in which the chateau was built.

Stunning view of the Josselin Castle in Brittany, France.
Josselin Castle

Some time after it was originally built, the Chateu Josselin had to be rebuilt due to the fact that it was totally destroyed by King Henry II of England. This way, this construction was finally re built during the XII century, and still shows most of the features it was given during that époque, although some pars of it have gone through a few changes as time passed by.

During the XVII century and part of the XVIII century, the castle remained for several decades without inhabitants. This situation changed around the year 1836 when Rohan Duke became in charge of it and restored it in order to make it habitable again. From that time until today, the Rohans have owned the Castle.

Visit the Basilica

Besides the Chateau, there also are other interesting constructions to visit within the town of Josselin. One of these buildings is The Basilica. The Basilica of Josselin was built during the XV century and allows its visitors to have a clear idea of the architectural style predominant during that century.

Also, by visiting its tower, visitants can enjoy a great view on the town and its surroundings and be able to notice the beauty of this area from a different perspective.

Map of Josselin in France

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