Dinard: The perfect vacation destination for all ages

Dinard is a very attractive town located opposite from the city of St. Malo, within the region of Brittany, France. This is one of the main vacation destinations of the region due to the variety of attractions it offers and the beauty of its beaches, turning it into an ideal place for people of all ages and families.

The Plage de l’Ecluse

The most important beach within the area of Dinard, and the one which receives more visitants, is the Plage de l’Ecluse. This beach is very attractive and during summer time, it usually receives visitors from all points of the world who approach looking for a sunbath, for swimming, or for relaxing while enjoying the beautiful environment and landscape.

Areal view of the beach Plage de l'Ecluse with people on the beach and in the ocean. The city of Dinard (Brittany) in the background.
Plage de l’Ecluse

The Plage du Prieure

Another great beach located within the area of Dinard is the Plage du Prieure. Visitors can reach this beach by walking ten minutes from Dinard’s centre, which is often worthwhile since this beach is usually less crowded than the Plage de l’Ecluse as well as provides several interesting options, such as swimming pools or cafes.

The Sea Museum in Dinard

The Sea Museum is another important attraction offered by Dinard. This Museum is mainly based on the biography and discoveries of Jean Baptise Chacot, a famous French explorer. Those who enjoy sea related stories, discoveries and data in general should not make sure of visiting this place since they surely would enjoy it.

The Musee du Site Balneaire

The Musee du Site Balneaire, is one of the main cultural attractions of Dinard and one of the most recommended places for tourists to meet. This museum shows objects and elements of Dinard’s history as well as provides plenty of information regarding the surroundings and the entire region of Brittany.

Arial view of Dinard in France. River running through the city which is surrounded with forrest.

Other things to do in Dinard

Dinard also has several entertainment related places such as cafés, pubs, and casinos among many others. Those tourists who wish to do some shopping can also visit the main shopping streets which are the rue du Marechal Leclerc, the boulevard du President Wilson, and the sue Levavasseur. On the other hand, those who wish to spend energies practicing a sport can visit the Le Dinard Golf, and even learn golf if they need it.

Map of Dinard in France

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