Brest: A French Town in Brittany With A Modern Appearance

Brest is a French town located within the region of Brittany. This town is characterized by showing a very modern appearance which contrasts with most of the other towns of the region. This modern appearance was mainly caused due to the fact that a big portion of the town was destroyed during World War II and therefore most of it had to be constructed again.

A view at Brest in Brittany, France from the Canal de Nates. A boat and the river in the foreground and old buildings and a bridge in the back.

The history of Brest

During World War II, the town of Brest was bombarded for as long as six consecutive weeks. This way, it is not difficult to imagine how much damage it suffered and why so little of its original appearance can be still seen. Most of the original buildings and constructions in general dating from ancient époques were lost during such bombarding.

After suffering the damages which caused it to lost almost all its original appearance and structure, this town had to be almost entirely rebuilt within a few time. This reconstruction was done without following much of the original lineaments which gave the town its original appearance and maybe without taking time enough, due to which the appearance it shows nowadays is far from being alike to the way it originally looked.

There are a few spots within Brest which still show some of the original architectural elements of the town, and it is advisable that visitors ask for information about them at a tourist information center.

A view of the Tanguy Tower in Brest in Brittany, France on a sunny day.
Tanguy Tower

One of these spots is the Tanguy Tower, a construction which dates from the 1400s. Besides this, there also is a museum where the past and history of Breast can be learnt and some objects from its origins can be observed as well.

The sea research center

Those visitors who might go from Brest towards the area of Crozon would be able to meet another interesting spot called Oceanopolis.

Oceanopolis is a sea research center where many interesting technical and scientific investigations can be followed and some important data can be learnt. Nearby this spot, there is the Royale Harbor, another great place to visit while going from Brest to Crozon. The Royale Harbor is an amazing natural harbor worthwhile spending some time visiting it.

Map of Brest in France

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