Chambord town and its Chateau

The Chateau of Chambord or Chambord’s Castle is recognized to be among the most amazing Renaissance constructions of not only the region of Loire Valley but the entire France as well.

This way, this Chateau is one of the most attractive spots of the region and constantly receives visitors from many different places. Chambord’s castle is of such a size and appealing that it is almost impossible to visit the area of Chambord or its surroundings without meeting it.

Chambord’s Chateau

Chambord’s Chateau was built between 1520 and 1548, and it was originally seen as a retirement place for the kings of France. Although several kings have inhabited in this Chateau, Louis XIV was who spent the most important amount of his time at it since it became one of this king’s main residences.

During the years in which Chambord’s Chateau was built, Leonardo Da Vinci visited the region and helped with the construction’s ornamenting by adding some of his art to it. This way, by visiting this Chateau it is possible to observe some spots where Da Vinci has added some ornaments.

Chateau Chambord, France.
Chateau Chambord

Da Vinci’s influence can be seen at several different spots within the castle as well as at its overall appearance, since its creators followed Da Vinci’s style for building many different parts.

The Castle of Chambord has a really amazing size and counts on an outstanding amount of rooms. This chateau has 440 rooms, connected by 13 staircases and a great stables area in which 1200 horses could be easily suited. Besides these figures, this castle has the interesting peculiarity of having as much as 365 fire places, an amount hard to find equalized at other constructions.

The Chateau is without any doubt the main attraction within the area of Chambord. This Castle and its walls, which surround it by occupying 22 miles, can be easily seen from a great distance. Tourists who wish to photograph it in such a way that all of it appears in the picture could not do so from close and would have to walk away from it in order to achieve their goal.

Map of Chambord in France

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