The Attractions of Fougéres: A French Town with Much to Offer Tourists

There are several different things to do and places to visit while being in the town of Fougéres. This town, located in the French region of Brittany, has an important amount of great spots to meet and visit, and is a very attractive town for those who enjoy art related events as well. There are many constructions from different historic époques as well as some green areas available for tourists to meet within the town and its surroundings.

Interesting sights in Fougéres

Among the interesting buildings and spots visitors can meet while being in the town of Fougéres there is the Church of Saint Sulpice, constructed between the XV century and the XVIII century, and the Theatre built in the XIX century. Also, while walking by Fougéres’ streets, visitors can meet the Church of Saint Leonard, a building which dates from the XVI century and contains a mixture with neo-gothic elements due to the fact that it has received some elements added to its structure during the XIX century.

The Urbanists building

Another interesting place to visit in this town is the Convent or Urbanists building. This building was constructed during the XVII century as a Convent. Nowadays, this antique building is home of a School of Music as well as there is a Contemporary art Gallery exhibiting its art works in it too.

During the époque in which dukes would inhabit the region of Brittany, Fougéres was a critical town due to its location. This town had a great importance due to the fact that it was located in a strategic spot at the border of Brittany, and it also was very important by being next to the area of Maine and Normandy as well.

Fougére´s Chateau and the Chennedet Forest

Fougére´s Chateau is a very attractive medieval castle and other place visitors should not miss while being in Fougéres. There are guided tours available within the Castle for those who wish to learn about it and its past while meeting it.

Hydraulic system of the mills of Fougéres castle in France.
The mills of Fougéres castle

Also, the Chennedet Forest is another area of the town visitors should not miss. This forest is very attractive and allows tourists to relax while meeting an area different from the most usual town landscapes.

Map of Fougéres in France

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