The Chateau of Amboise: A Rich History and Unique Architecture

The Chateau of Amboise is counted to be among the first French Castles and Royal residences. It took two centuries for it to be constructed, starting at the XV century and finishing at the 17th, acquiring a combination of different styles within its structure.

This Chateau is very rich in architectural style as well as in history, and it is very recommendable to visit it accompanied by someone who can provide guidance and explain these aspects while meeting the different areas of castle.

The construction of the Chateau of Amboise

Due to the important amount of time it took for it to be finished, the construction of Amboise’s Castle went through the reign of different kings. This way, it went through the orders of Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francois I, and it is very interesting to observe the different styles and elements the final construction shows.

The Chateau of Amboise in France viewed from a distance with the river in front.
Chateau of Amboise

By walking around and meeting this chateau, visitors can clearly observe a combination of elements typical from the Renaissance époque and some others from a Gothic style. This combination of styles and the way they are mixed gives this castle a very attractive appearance for all those who are interested in architecture and art related topics.

Leonardo da Vinci’s body

Many visitors approach the chateau of Amboise attracted by the fact that it is said that Leonardo da Vinci’s body was buried at the chapel, and even stories about the building being haunted by his spirit can be heard as well. The Saint Hubert Chapelle is a very interesting building located within the area of the Amboise Chateau and built in a unique Gothic style.

The surroundings of the Chateau of Amboise

This chateau is located within the very charming environment of Amboise’s area. Within this spot and its surroundings visitors can easily access different interesting places by simply walking due to the short distances separating one place from the other.

Amboise has narrow streets which are ideal for those who enjoy walking and observing in detail the environment in which they are. It is also important to have in mind that those who wish to photograph the castle from a nice point of view, could do so from the island of d’Or, crossing the Loire River.

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